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Profile for Rob Scott, Managing Director of Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment

 I spent the today interviewing candidates for a sales vacancy that we are recruiting for. The role requires among other things, an “over-achieving Sales Manager with a ‘hands on’ and confident approach to sales and sales management.”

As suspected we have been bombarded with a fair amount of high quality talent and extremely well matched industry experience from the second we put out the ad and made the relevant people on our database aware of it. Selecting who really is right for the position in sales recruitment is however another matter; Every applicant claims to be ‘perfect for the role’ and it is our job to decipher whether that really is the case. Yes they have worked in the industry, yes they are ‘over-achievers’ but do they really have exactly what the client are looking for?

...Our client is particularly keen to speak to sales candidates who are extremely confident with this quality listed as their most important ‘soft skill’;

So what is confidence?

Most of us immediately know when we come across a confident person but we all have different ideas about what constitutes this;

To me confidence in everyday life can be quite subtle; really confident people don’t need to make big displays of ‘confidence’ to prove how confident they are. But that is me...sales is often different; People want to really see how confident you are in your product and often this requires the confidence to step out of your normal ‘chit chat’ mode and step into something a bit more engaging.  The biggest pitfall of this however is a tendency to unwittingly (or wittingly) fall into the trap of arrogance...

Arrogance can be seen as brash, dismissive behaviour that appears to show you putting yourself on a pedestal over whoever else you are talking to. It’s a kind of overbearing pride that in most cases alienates you from the people around you.

The importance of Confidence in sales interviews

Without self confidence there is no sales success, or much success at all in life and importantly confidence in the key to a successful interview. Confidence is highly valued in the interview room but remember so is humbleness and respect. Humbleness is not the opposite of confidence- think of it more as the opposite to arrogance. Humbleness and confidence can be complementary to each other when executed properly.

When appearing arrogant some hiring managers may believe that you are not a team player, whether this is true or not. Being arrogance gives rise to a whole host of other possible traits that you may or may not possess. It doesn’t really matter if you do possess these or not, if the interviewer thinks you do, then that’s all that matters. The art of confidence is being able to boast about you and your accomplishments without demonstrating egotism.

The art of confidence

Confidence really does come from within so if you do need to work on your confidence in order to avoid being seen as arrogant there are a number of courses, books and audio books that can help you with this to avoid you falling into the arrogance trap and assist you in gaining your next sales job. There are, however, a number of things you can do in an interview to ensure your confidence is not mistaken for arrogance:

Make small talk: It’s difficult to appear arrogant and aloof if you make a genuine effort to chat, be friendly and chat to everyone you meet in an interview. Be friendly with anyone from car park attendants, reception staff and other members of staff in the building chat freely and present yourself as a friend to everyone you meet. You never know when the interviewer might ask the opinion of other members of staff in order to make their decision.

Share credit and blame: The good confident sales professionals are often separated from the bad, arrogant ones when they do not take any responsibility for their company’s shortcomings and worse, push blame onto others. A good interviewee will channel this into a more positive direction and talk of how much they learned from the experience. An employer will respect honesty and see that you have taken something from it (provided it is nothing too major!). Praising staff that you worked with will go down well too. Hogging all the limelight for a project well done is likely to get you tarred with the arrogant brush.

Tell stories about your experience

In interviews people often try to directly match their skills and experience to the job description by literally repeating what was in it. Taking this approach can come across as arrogant. To avoid this you can instead describe stories that make it obvious that you have the required skills without you having to say it in an overtly arrogant manner. Short stories are a perfect way of showing your credentials. For example if a role requires that you are “able to work to strict deadlines and under pressure” it is quite simple to recall a story in which you had to use these skills. The interviewer will be searching for clues as to your suitability; if you can make it obvious for them then you will find you have some level of control over the interview itself.


Even the shrinking violets amongst sales people (which generally are rare in sales) need to step up at interview and prove they have the confidence to convey why they are right for the role. If they are not able to do this it is unlikely that the hiring manager will believe that the candidate will be able to convince their prospects to buy either. Just beware...there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance and the latter can cause others to to view you as superficial and at worst annoying. Be yourself but be self assured- real confidence is likely to get you through any tough questions.

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We were impressed not only by the quality of candidates you found for us but also the level of information, preparation and qualification you put into the process. You continually kept us informed of each person’s feelings about the process, which is very important but often overlooked. I am looking forward to working with your company again in the future.

Commercial Director, Incentive Facilities Management

I just wanted to thank you for your help with our recruitment process which went very smoothly and has – we hope – found us just the person for the job!

Managing Director, Citrefine International Ltd

We appointed Aaron Wallis in February and the successful candidate, out of the six which Aaron Wallis introduced, was able to join Alphametrics before the end of April. The whole process took less than three months. I would recommend Aaron Wallis’ services to others without hesitation.

Chief Financial Officer, Alphametrics

I found Aaron Wallis to be very professional and efficient, taking time to understand the role and the type of candidate we were looking for. The candidates they put forward met our criteria and were of a high standard. The service they provided was exemplary and I would have no hesitation in recommending them, and will certainly consider using them again in the future.

HR Assistant, Fischer Connectors Ltd

Understood the type of person we were looking for and good follow ups - not too frequent.

Managing Director, bigHead Bonding Fasteners Ltd

I really liked the YouTube presentations which made the service seem both simple and accessible. The company came to see me, and my management team, at short notice to present their service and I liked the support and advice that I received about maximising the results from the applicant.

Managing Director, Leisuresec plc

Giles Phillips is a rare find in the minefield of sales recruitment; an honest and thoughtful recruiter who considers the needs of both the client AND the candidate to create perfect role matches. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Marketing Director, City of London Police

Since joining DSGi, Rob has been a supplier of permanent staff and has performed to an extremely high standard, successfully filling 98% of roles he has worked on. If anyone is looking for a good sales and marketing based consultancy with an informal yet professional approach, I would recommend Rob.

Senior Recruitment Consultant, DSG International

I have used Aaron Wallis to fill a number of our Sales Development Manager roles and I have found them to provide a very professional service. I will use their services again in future recruitment campaigns.

HR Business Partner, Greene King

In an industry where people over promise and under deliver, Rob and his teams have consistently provided a high-quality service. It is great to deal with someone that has an excellent understanding of UK industry, and a passion for sales.

Sales Manager, TR Fasteners

Rob is a true recruitment professional that goes the extra mile that I have never experienced from any other recruitment agency before. If you need sales people call Rob or someone in his team, as they really are experts in sales recruitment.

Sales Director, Inside Business

Thanks for all your help during the recruitment process. I have been extremely impressed with Aaron Wallis especially when compared to other agencies we have dealt with. I really felt you grasped the type of person we required and found strong candidates.

UK Sales Manager, Nexcom

Giles is highly professional and was a pleasure to work with. He achieves excellent results through his personable skills and tenacity. I have no hesitation in recommending Giles to anyone who considers employing his services.

Commercial Director, G4S Government & Outsourcing Solutions

Rob’s knowledge of the recruitment industry and his thoughts and how to make it better for his clients have always been eye opening. I would recommend Rob to anybody who is looking for a professional, knowledgeable and flexible recruitment specialist.

CEO, Friday Ad Online Services

Aaron Wallis has continuously provided us with suitable candidates that have been proactively sourced. Having used countless recruitment companies, Aaron Wallis are the only company that I can count on to deliver.

Managing Director, JARK Healthcare Recruitment

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Aaron Wallis have provided me with an excellent service, Giles went out of his way to help me preparing for my interview and supported me through all the processes. If you need an agency to give you a fully professional and consultative approach to finding you a new career move, the Aaron Wallis can certainly provide this for you.

D. Richards, Candidate

Aaron Wallis helped me secure a position I really wanted. Giles saught to keep me updated with all the details preceding interviews and after with feedback. I would highly recommend Giles and Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment.

L. Taylor, Candidate

I can honestly say that the time and expertise you gave me was way beyond any other recruitment consultant I dealt with. You are a rarity in your industry.

S. Akers, Candidate

Excellent experience from first contact to ultimately securing a suitable placement. Giles looked after me in a very professional and friendly manner. He used his expertise and experience to ensure I was put forward for the most suitable positions for my skill set and found me a new role very quickly. I can't recommend Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment highly enough.

M. Green, Candidate

Fantastic service, helped me find my ideal job quickly and smoothly. Would highly recommend them

C. Caine, Candidate

A great recruitment company to work with. Excellent experience with Aaron Wallis through the entire recruitment process. The team was really professional and extremely helpful. Darren was a pleasure to work with. He was friendly, supportive and gave me great advice. Thank you very much!

A. Bauchet, Candidate

Very good advice and support was given during the course of the interviewing process. Potential job seekers would be well advised to use this company whilst looking for their new career.

R. Speakman, Candidate

The Recruitment agent I used, Simon, was extremely helpful and really went the extra mile to ensure all of my questions were answered, and that I felt as comfortable and prepared as possible. Very professional company and would definitely recommend to others. Thank you Aaron Wallis!

A. Callaby, Candidate

I've had a really good experience working with Giles Phillips at Aaron Wallis. From initial contact to the finer details of securing the job, he has been very professional and a pleasure to work with.

M. Shutt, Candidate

Aaron Wallis is an outstanding recruitment agency specialising in high calibre sales positions. I was working directly with Darren Dawrance who went above and beyond my expectations in sourcing me my perfect role. I was kept in regular communication with Darren and he worked extremely hard to secure my dream job. Highly recommended and Thanks Darren for all your expertise and hard work.

R. Sealy, Candidate

Good swift process with Aaron Wallis, informative regarding the role and the process was moved at a good pace with healthy interaction. Would recommend them to anyone pursuing a change.

S. Bartlett, Candidate

Less than two weeks after joining Aaron Wallis I was offered my new job. I got a £10,000 rise in my basic salary, car allowance, a laptop and many other perks, which will help to further my career. I definitely would not have found my dream job without the help of Aaron Wallis.

C. Hoy, Candidate

Aaron Wallis (and in particular Rob Scott) have been fantastic throughout the recruitment process, and even a few months down the line, still continues to care. Rob clearly cares about each individual and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which shows in the work he does. Each candidate is not just a number, and the support received from Aaron Wallis has helped me get a career which I truly enjoy.

M. White, Candidate

Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment are a very friendly and professional recruitment organisation who listen to your needs, work with you and act on your behalf which sets them apart from many of their competitors who in my experience are willing to throw anything at you. We discussed my history, my preferences and my wishes - one opportunity was introduced. It was perfect. I start at the end of June.

R. Buckley, Candidate

Excellent service, very professional and friendly, would and have, recommended Aaron Wallis.

E. Heley, Candidate

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