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"Sam was by far the most professional and helpful of any individual I’ve ever dealt with through a recruitment agency. He was supportive and thorough, throughout the process. He definitely goes the extra mile for you. A pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend him. An asset to Aaron Wallis"

Mandy Wyer

Sam Childerley

Recruitment Consultant

Sam's Story

Sam joined the Aaron Wallis team back in 2021 and has since been successfully placing candidates across a range of industries, at all levels of seniority. He is a graduate in Business & Marketing and when not in the office, you’ll find Sam either in the gym or playing cricket, leading a very sporty lifestyle, Sam is highly competitive!

One thing is guaranteed, Sam will put 100% into every recruitment project he undertakes, his honesty and transparency ensures that a positive outcome happens more than not!

Facts about Sam

1. Describe your role in one sentence?

To bridge the gap between candidate & client to ensure that a long-term professional relationship can develop so that all parties are satisfied.

2. What is your style?

A proactive relationship builder, so that I can fully understand who my clients and candidates are to fulfil their requirements.

3. What’s the one thing that you’re best at solving for your clients

Their inability to find suitable candidates for their roles.

4. Why would a client want to work with you?

I am fully committed to all of the projects I undertake, providing full transparency regardless of my short or long term success with it.

5. What is the favourite aspect of your work?

Working for a brilliant team, where everyone genuinely celebrates each other’s successes like their own.

6. What would you describe to be the main skill that allows you to be a decent recruiter?

I can hold conversations with anyone, I love talking to people, in my role I speak to a variety of people, from a range of backgrounds.

7. What is the title of the last book you read?

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

8. Best movie you have ever seen (the film you’d happily watch time and time again)?

The Wolf of Wall Street

9. What is your favourite sport?

Football – Enjoy playing and watching it, especially Chelsea!

10. If you had a million pounds to give to a charity, who would you choose?

Winston’s Wish

11. Name one thing that not most people know about you

I did a Tandem Skydive when I was 8 in Kenya.

12. Do you have any phobias?


13. Who is the person you respect the most, and why?

My Mum – Giving me the best upbringing possible, supporting me with every decision I made.

14. Which is your most favourite place on this earth?

Central Park – New York City

15. Cats or dogs?


16. Favourite joke?

My neighbours 4-year-old started learning Spanish during lockdown, he still can’t say “please” though, which I think is poor for four.

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A photo of Sam Childerley, Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment

by Sam Childerley

Recruitment Consultant

A photo of Sam Childerley, Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment

About the author

Sam Childerley

Sam Childerley is a Business & Marketing professional who started his recruitment career in 2021. He is a specialist recruitment consultant, who operates across in the UK and is based out of our Milton Keynes Office. Sam is dedicated to helping job seekers and employers find the right fit for each other and believes that the best decisions within recruitment are made when both sides are happy. He is passionate about developing the best possible recruitment experience for everyone involved and is committed to providing the best advice and support to employers and job seekers alike.