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Established in 2007, with offices in Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Leeds, and Bristol, Aaron Wallis is a committed independent sales recruiter focusing on permanent, contract and interim sales recruitment.

Our dedicated and friendly sales team are always on hand to deliver a tailored service to guarantee results.

Jo Dewrance

I’m a super-organised, cockapoo-obsessed Mum of two who loves to travel and experience new places. I never thought I’d end up working in finance as maths was my worst subject at school, but I fell into it and have stayed in the same field ever since. In my free time you’ll find me either on a dog walk, watching reality TV or online shopping!

Facts about Jo

Favourite Food:


Biggest Fear:

Deep Water

What's a Skill you'd Love to Learn?

To speak a foreign language!

Favourite Film:

Dirty Dancing

What's your Favourite Thing about Working at Aaron Wallis?

Working with an amazing team of people!

What Hobbies do you have?

Yoga, Reading and walking my dog!

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Jo Dewrance, Headshot, Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment

by Jo Dewrance

Finance Director

Jo Dewrance in a summer hat

About the author

Jo Dewrance

Jo oversees both Finance and Customer Service at Aaron Wallis and ensures that operational compliance is maintained. Jo initially worked for a major High Street bank before becoming their business manager and joining Aaron Wallis in 2007. Jo is super-organised and loves nothing more than crossing things off of her to-do lists. Jo loves to travel and to experience new places, and in particular new cuisines and restaurants. In her free time, you can find Jo either online shopping or watching reality TV!