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Virtual Assessment Centres

A Traditional Assessment Centre - Completed Online

The World Has Changed…..The need to identify, assess and recruit the best talent has not.

Social distancing seems to be here, to some extent, for the foreseeable future.

Traditional assessment centres are impractical, expensive and socially and logistically complex.

The Benefits of An Aaron Wallis Virtual Assessment Centre

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Bespoke Solution

The virtual assessment centre is designed around your required competencies.

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Robust Process

To identify your required competencies we include sales-specific psychometrics, various online exercises, skills tests, and bespoke video interview questions. 

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Talent Attraction

Our multifaceted sourcing approach ensures an excellent shortlist of suitable candidates.

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Video Interviews

All suitable candidates are qualified using our video interviewing software.  You can see the progress of your project through your own dedicated portal 24/7.  Together, we then select candidates to invite to the Virtual Assessment Centre.

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Fully Facilitated Assessment Centre

We will facilitate the candidates through the agreed tasks, and you can view their progress through your unique portal.  Be as involved in the recruitment process as you want to be while viewing the project’s progress through your online portal.

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Validated Skills Tests

Over 100 options included in the service with options to upgrade to Internationally renowned psychometric aptitude tests, such as Savills and Thomas

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Competency Scored Approach

We score against pre-defined competency scales to help remove unconscious bias from your recruitment process

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Total Process Management

A single point of contact throughout the whole project from taking your initial job specification through to successful hires.

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Total Process Management

Our Assessment Centre services are backed by our 12-month rebate scheme.

Low Retainer and Reducing Recruitment Fees

Fees are 15% of the candidate's basic salary*

These reduce as you recruit more than one candidate from the same campaign. 

Retainers are low at £1,000+VAT to set up and facilitate your bespoke Virtual Assessment Centre Solution.

Our terms of business for Virtual Assessment Centre Services can be freely downloaded here (please see our costs and terms of business for more information).

To speak with an advisor about a simple, swift and effective migration to full Virtual Assessment, either click to call: 01908 061400 or submit a vacancy now

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What is a Virtual Assessment CentreSimply expressed, all the benefits of a traditional assessment centre, with none of the disadvantages.…

  • At a fraction of the cost
  • In a fraction of the time
  • For a fraction of your effort

Aaron Wallis Virtual Assessment Centres are individually designed around the skills, behaviours and competencies, identified by you as vital to your business. 

They require none of the logistical and physical arrangements that encumber costly, traditional assessment days.  In the event, candidates drop out or you do not hire, the assessment can be re-run at zero additional cost to you. 

  • No fuss
  • No travel
  • No hotels or expenses

Any aspect of traditional assessments can be incorporated into a virtual assessment centre, including-

  • Bespoke live and automated Video Interviews
  • Online Assessments, tests and questionnaires designed against agreed competencies
  • A range of role-specific and homeworker psychometric tests
  • Role-plays and competency-based exercises and activities
  • Easy to understand Data analysis, insights and management reporting
  • Access to a comprehensive array of skills test including Thomas International, ProveIt! and Savills
  • Objective scoring and measurable results based on approved competency frameworks
  • All accessible to you in one portal, 24/7

Designed to your specification. Branded for your business ….

Project Managed by us and delivered complete to you

Why Virtual Assessment Centres?It is More Simple to Ask, Why Not? ……

A Virtual Assessment Centre offers every single benefit of a traditional one and removes every single disadvantage, delivering outstanding results and huge economies of cost and time….

Virtual Assessment  – The Logical Choice

  • Faster to deploy
  • Rapid candidate response
  • Quicker results and outcomes
  • Competitive edge in securing talent
  • Respects social distancing
  • Zero logistics
  • Reduced candidate attrition
  • Hugely reduced additional costs
  • Improved budgeting
  • Ecologically considerate
  • Frees up your management time
  • Objective hiring decisions based on measured competencies and behaviours
  • All-inclusive, professionally managed process from a leading UK Recruitment Provide


How much does a Virtual Assessment Centre Cost?

Everything Included - Attractively Priced

What is Included in a Virtual Assessment Centre?

Everything You Require and Nothing You Don’t…..

Our virtual assessment solutions are designed to fit your specification exactly.  

At the outset of the project we will consult with you to understand the profile of your ideal candidate, the must have competencies and skill sets and the required behavioural traits to fit within your business culture.

Sit Back and Relax…..

From this point forward you can focus on your daily business.  We will devise the content and format of the assessment centre based on the information you supply.  This will be presented to you for your approval prior to commencement.  It will comprise a range of individually authored exercises and interviews, all based on a pre-agreed range of competencies. 

Responses are assessed against a subjective scoring matrix to supply clear and transparent outcomes on which to base your hiring decision.

Included As Standard

  • Full Consultation and agreement on competencies and format at outset
  • All assessment design and set up costs
  • Exercises designed against required competencies
  • Extensive psychometric testing encompassing SPA /GPR-DiSC and standard skills testing
  • Bespoke live and automated video interviews with competency-based results
  • Role plays
  • Full facilitation and process management throughout
  • Easy to understand data analysis, insights and management reporting
  • Access to a comprehensive array of additional skills tests including Thomas International, Savills and ProveIt! 
  • Objective scoring and measurable results based on approved competency frameworks
  • Conclusions, “wash up” reports and suggested recommendations
  • Total accountability at all times

Every element, every outcome, visible and accessible to you in one portal, 24/7

Please see our Virtual Assessment Centre terms of business for more information.

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With over 24 years of experience in sales recruitment, Rob is a History graduate with an MBA (Merit) and a PgCert in Management Practice.  In 2007, 2009 and 2013 Rob conducted the most extensive surveys of sales professionals in the UK and is a trusted authority in the sales industry. From guiding employers through the recruitment process to helping candidates find their dream job, Rob's advice has been quoted in leading publications such as Business Insider and The Independent, as well as OnRec, which host The Online Recruitment Awards every year.