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You might be thinking that high quality, targeted, sales recruitment services like ours come at a high price, but you'd be wrong! Our rates on an exclusive basis, are highly competitive at only 15% of guaranteed income.

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Required Skills And Attributes

What we look for at Aaron Wallis is TACIT.  Tacit knowledge is hard to describe, difficult to write down, tough to train and generally something you pick up from others.

At Aaron Wallis, we look for:

Team-player – Someone who will work with others for the company’s good and willingly help and support others.

Ambition – we look for the kind of person that has a purpose in their life, has direction, has goals and knows what they want and why they want it.

Character – For us, it’s about being positive and ‘taking the knocks with a smile’, bouncing back, learning from mistakes and showing resilience.  Many would describe their first year in recruitment as a ‘rollercoaster of emotions’.

Intelligence isn’t about being a graduate, although communicating effectively in writing is essential.  For us, it’s about asking great questions, building rapport, thinking quickly and reacting accordingly.

Trainability - It’s also about decent IT skills and being naturally curious – genuinely wanting to know ‘how things work’ and why some companies do things in some ways.  It’s also about wanting to develop, both professionally and personally.

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A photo of Sophie Jones, Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment

by Sophie Jones

Associate Director

A photo of Sophie Jones, Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment

About the author

Sophie Jones

Sophie is a Senior Consultant within Aaron Wallis, who thoroughly enjoys working with candidates to prepare for their job search, ensuring the roles they are considering are right for them. Looking at their essential requirements to make sure the next move is the correct one. Also, this helps Sophie speak with her clients in confidence about the candidates they should be considering. Sophie is also the point of contact for anyone looking to join the team at Aaron Wallis.  She supports candidates through the interview process making sure that we are the right company for them, and sales recruitment is the right industry choice.