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"Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment are a very friendly and professional recruitment organisation who listen to your needs, work with you and act on your behalf"

Ray Hood

Work For Aaron Wallis - Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Process at Aaron Wallis

At Aaron Wallis, we believe that teamwork and low staff attrition are key to running a successful business.  We follow the following process and so far it seems to have worked!

Step One:  An informal meeting with one of our directors, an opportunity for you to ask lots of questions and expect very honest answers! Sometimes these are off-site as we want to see you perform at your best.  This meeting will also focus on your experience, suitability, personality and team fit.

Step Two:  You will be asked to complete an online personality psychometric questionnaire together with an online ability test.  You will complete these at home.

Step Three:  Finally, a competency-based interview with both Darren Dewrance and Rob Scott, both founders of the business and generally good guys!  At this stage, you will have the opportunity for a 1-2-1 interview with another consultant to ask candid questions.

Although this may seem comprehensive the process typically takes no longer than three working days in total.

Sophie Jones - Aaron Wallis 2023

About the author

Sophie Jones

Sophie is an Associate Director at Aaron Wallis, and her main focus is to help clients find the best sales talent while ensuring that candidates secure the best professional fit. Sophie doesn't just fill vacancies; she strives to understand her clients' business goals, and she identifies candidates who will not only excel in the role but also contribute to the company's long-term success. Maintaining open communication is crucial, and Sophie ensures that clients are well-informed throughout the recruitment process, addressing any concerns and ensuring that expectations are met. She's a trusted advisor, and her ability to build bridges, solve problems, and advocate for success makes her an invaluable asset in the World of sales recruitment.