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Why choose us?

When you recruit with Aaron Wallis you will be assigned a dedicated and experienced Account Manager as your single point of contact throughout your campaign.

Why Work for Aaron Wallis

We operate in a very entrepreneurial fashion and as such we require individuals to possess the ability to ‘think outside the box’ and be dynamic with their approach to the working day. Many organisations offer ‘rank and file’ structure, this is great if you want the future mapped out. We prefer to see every day as a new challenge and are satisfied when we have run the day and not let it run us.

It is essential to cover all of the angles within this role as every conversation will pose another ‘take’ on a situation. You are encouraged to specialise within a certain field and become an industry expert this will take dedication and commitment.

We pride ourselves on our team ethic and frequently take time away from the office to build experience with challenges. This could be climbing mountains, cycling across England or Kayaking across Loch Ness to name a few. Not only is this great for the team but it also gives us as individuals further challenges to train for within the year.

Why Work for Aaron Wallis

Our staff choose to work for Aaron Wallis for the following reasons:

  • Great brand and service offering
  • Encourages individual ways of working – an intrapreneurial culture
  • Success led
  • A challenging culture that’s driven by continuous improvement
  • Freedom and Involvement through all stages of the recruitment process - accountability and responsibility
  • Wealth creation opportunities
  • It's fun
  • The bonded team culture
  • Because we simply 'do it better' than the competition
  • Recognition
  • Transparency
  • Individuals are managed as individuals
  • Continuous self-improvement
  • Involvement in direction and decision making - Company that listens, involves and empowers
  • Proud to work for the name, the brand, the business and the team
  • It’s not your usual recruitment environment

Aaron Wallis is a specialist recruiter in sales and marketing across any industry on a national level.

We are based in London, Leeds, Bristol and Milton Keynes. This enables us to operate in the most effective manner across all geographic locations in the UK, also successfully covering Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Here at Aaron Wallis, the culture of success enables you to develop both professionally and personally in a way that will benefit your performance and enjoyment in and out of the workplace. Our mission is to be 'recognised and respected by all UK sales professionals'. We believe that for this to happen our team must be passionate and believe in the service provided. Therefore we offer a brilliant working environment that is supportive and hugely positive. We have unique and highly attractive service propositions and enjoy extremely high levels of repeat business due to our direct and passionate approach to service delivery.

Working for Aaron Wallis allows you to be creative in the way that you operate your desk and earn the money that you deserve. You will not be micro-managed at any point of your career therefore a more democratic style has been adopted which allows you to have an input into how you operate. To ensure that you perform at your best you will be managed as an individual and motivated as an individual. This approach allows you to effectively improve on any weaknesses and exploit your strengths which will continuously grow your success.

All members of the Aaron Wallis team have respect for one another no matter their position or level of experience. We are bonded by team culture, and with the wealth of knowledge and experience within the team, you will never be at a loose end for advice or answers to questions that may arise. We work hard and we play hard. Taking part in different challenges like the Coast to Coast Bike Challenge, Irish 3 Peaks and Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenges is a great way for the team to bond in a way that is different to the normal workplace environment.

You will be recognised for your hard work, and when your hard work pays off it really pays off with the competitive commission structure that is in place. It is a meritocracy and as your success grows so will your salary. We are a company that actively encourages self-improvement and believe that you can be in control of your own success. The more you put in the more you will get out and we want your involvement in making decisions that will help the company develop further.

We will not tolerate average performance as we are a very competitive company and we want the best for our company and team. We are proud of what we do, who we are and our brand.

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A photo of Sophie Jones, Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment

by Sophie Jones

Associate Director

A photo of Sophie Jones, Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment

About the author

Sophie Jones

Sophie is a Senior Consultant within Aaron Wallis, who thoroughly enjoys working with candidates to prepare for their job search, ensuring the roles they are considering are right for them. Looking at their essential requirements to make sure the next move is the correct one. Also, this helps Sophie speak with her clients in confidence about the candidates they should be considering. Sophie is also the point of contact for anyone looking to join the team at Aaron Wallis.  She supports candidates through the interview process making sure that we are the right company for them, and sales recruitment is the right industry choice.