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  • Management roles 'can be achieved in 12 months at Tesco'

    Tesco's young staff could find business development manager positions or other executive roles open to them within 12 months of joining the company, a new report points out.According to Personnel Today, the company is attempting to motivate its young staff and encourage them to take advantage of... [more...]

  • Confusion surrounds small business rate relief, says FSB

    The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has called for a more cohesive approach to promoting the government's rate relief scheme for small businesses.In news that may interest people in sales jobs, FSB spokesperson March Shoffman commented that there is confusion surrounding who is responsible... [more...]

  • Sales jobs 'offer higher salaries than marketing positions'

    Sales jobs pay more than marketing roles, a new report has discovered.The Chartered Institute of Marketing has released the results of a new survey into marketing salaries, which reveal that marketers earn less than their professional colleagues, reports Online Recruitment magazine.The average... [more...]

  • Candidates 'should find new ways to get noticed'

    People looking to move into creative industries, potentially through a media and new media sales job or other position, should look for alternative ways to get noticed.This is the view of Rich Wilson, managing director of zoo goo, who said that it is important for candidates to ensure they are... [more...]

  • Extra-curricular activities 'can boost CVs'

    Activities performed outside the boundaries of formal education can be as important to a CV as exam results, a new study suggests.Research by found that 75 per cent of people feel their academic performance has had little or no impact on their career path, reports Online... [more...]

  • SanDisk launches 2 new mp3 players

    A couple of new mp3 players have been launched by SanDisk, in news that may interest those looking to spend commission earned in a sales job.The Guardian reports that the Sansa Fuze and Clip are both flash memory-based mp3 players with slimline designs and inbuilt FM radios.CNET recently... [more...]

  • Video conferencing 'could replace business travel'

    Travelling to business meetings could be replaced by video conferencing, according to one commentator.In news that may interest people whose sales jobs require them to travel, the campaigns director for the Campaign for Better Transport has said that telecoms advances could soon render such... [more...]

  • Generation Y 'needs to work on its leadership skills'

    Younger people are likely to lag behind their older counterparts in terms of leadership skills, it has been claimed.A cross-generational study by Talent Q has suggested that people in their early 20s - characterised as generation Y - show better social awareness and greater accuracy than older... [more...]

  • Softer skills development 'crucial'

    Communication and leadership skills are lacking in most people and should be prioritised, it has been claimed.In news that may interest people looking to win sales jobs, Martin Sloman, the learning and development advisor for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, has highlighted... [more...]

  • Business success 'means moving on from failure'

    Success in sales jobs or other business positions means knowing how to deal with failure, one entrepreneur has stated.Shaa Wasmund, chief executive officer or Bright Station Ventures - a company dedicated to investing in internally generated ideas - has commented that a different attitude... [more...]

  • August 'a hard time to work'

    August may have brought some motivational challenges for people in sales jobs, a new article suggests.Writing for the Guardian, Laura Marcus states that August feels like a month in which nobody should work - which is why working in the eighth month of the year can be so difficult."August... [more...]

  • IT sales jobs 'may need more than technical skills'

    People recruiting for IT sales jobs and other sector positions may face a challenge, according to a new article in Online Recruitment magazine.Citing another reported fall in the number of graduates from IT courses this year, the article suggests that technology leaders could find it difficult... [more...]

  • Protect workers from flu, companies advised

    In news which may be of particular interest to people with medical sales jobs, firms have been advised to vaccinate staff against flu.According to Bupa, three new forms of the condition are heading to the UK and could cause large-scale absences and significant disruption. Commenting on the... [more...]

  • Salary discrepancies 'will be resolved over time'

    The gap in pay between male and female workers, including those in insurance sales jobs, will be resolved over time, it has been suggested.According to Tanya Hine, president of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs, the discrepancy cannot be eliminated immediately.She said: "There... [more...]

  • Graduate sales workers 'hard to retain'

    Graduate sales workers may be difficult to retain, with new research indicating that employees who are just beginning their careers are one of the groups firms find it most difficult to keep.According to research conducted by MRINetwork, staff who are just entering the world of work, along with... [more...]

  • Website failures 'could cost UK firms'

    Companies in the UK could lose money in two ways if their website fails, it has been suggested.In news which may interest people in sales jobs, an expert has warned that as well as causing firms to miss out on revenue generated through online sales, website problems can cause consumers to defect... [more...]

  • Construction firms 'urged' to do more training

    Construction firms looking to recruit new employees may wish to invest more in training opportunities for new workers, according to a recent study.According to construction news site CN Plus, new figures from the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) have revealed that one-third of construction... [more...]

  • Sales managers 'heading abroad'

    A significant number of UK executives, potentially including sales managers, are seeking work abroad, it has been claimed.According to figures produced by Experteer, Britain has a deficit of eight per cent in terms of the number of senior business personnel leaving the country and those coming... [more...]

  • Graduate recruitment 'hit by economic slowdown'

    In news that may impact on people looking for graduate sales jobs, experts have issued a warning over the market outlook for the recruitment of university leavers.According to figures cited by the Telegraph, legal and property firms have already reduced their graduate intake by up to... [more...]

  • New recruitment guide launched

    A new guide has been launched with the intention of providing advice to personnel involved in the recruitment of staff.A collaborative effort by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), the aid highlights the need for increased... [more...]

  • Finance professionals 'failing to take holidays'

    Finance professionals in the UK, potentially including those with sales jobs within the sector, are not making full use of their annual leave, according to new research.Produced by FSS, the figures suggest that more than half of such people fail to take all the holidays they are entitled to.Of... [more...]

  • Manufacturers focussing on converged IP solution sales

    IP telephony providers in the UK are increasingly focussing on selling converged IP network environments, according to one industry practitioner.In news that may be of interest to employers recruiting for manufacturing sales jobs, such solutions have been identified as rising in... [more...]

  • Combination of postal and digital marketing 'can boost sales'

    Firms can enhance their success by combining direct, postal marketing campaigns with digital channels, it has been suggested.In advice that may be of relevance to people with sales jobs, Mark Power, the chief executive officer of Concep, said that "integration is the only way... [more...]

  • Reward employees with diverse perks, firms advised

    Companies looking to recognise the efforts of their print sales staff and other employees may wish to consider non-financial rewards, it has been suggested.While the credit crunch may reduce the availability of financial awards for people in sales jobs and other roles, a new Personnel Today... [more...]

  • Benefits 'may keep staff happy in their sales jobs'

    People in media and new media sales jobs may be disappointed if their benefits are cut, according to recent comments by the associate director of the Work Foundation.Peter Carroll told Personnel Today that human resources professionals may feel under pressure to cut staff benefits as the credit... [more...]

  • New B2B deal for Kondor

    Accessories distributor Kondor has struck a deal to provide Vodafone prepay handsets and accessories to Toys R Us.In news that may be relevant to people in B2B sales jobs, Mobile News reports that a range of devices provided by Kondor will be available in Toys R Us, including Disney camera and... [more...]

  • Firms 'waste money on voice conferencing'

    Organisations could save £55 million a year by seeking out better voice conferencing deals, according to a new study.Research by PowWowNow that may be of interest to people in office equipment sales jobs indicates that companies could reduce the £210 million they spend on conferencing... [more...]

  • Are apprenticeships appropriate for business development managers?

    Prospective business development managers may benefit from apprenticeships, it has been highlighted.According to Personnel Today, retailers including Tesco and Sainsbury's are calling for the government to make it easier for employers to offer apprenticeships in a wide range of jobs.Last month,... [more...]

  • Government 'committed to closing the pay gap'

    The government is focusing on reducing the gender pay gap, a spokesperson for the Government Equalities Office has said.According to the official representative, narrowing the gap between the wages of men and women is a priority for the government, which is looking at a number of options to... [more...]

  • Take frequent breaks, workers advised

    Taking regular breaks during the working day is vital if employees are to protect both their health and their performance, the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) has said.A representative of ISMA said that time out from a sales job or other position is crucial in order for the... [more...]

  • Is the Toyota Winglet summer's hottest gadget?

    People looking to spend commission earned in their sales job could find a new gadget from Toyota hits the spot.PC World has profiled the most innovative and stylish gadgets to emerge in August, naming the Winglet as one of the most intriguing developments.Similar to the Segway, the Winglet is a... [more...]

  • Recruitment advice from Jeff Grout

    Organisations have been offered some advice on how to recruit and retain the best candidates.In news that may interest companies recruiting people for insurance sales jobs, Online Recruitment notes that a recent session hosted by Jeff Grout highlighted the difficulties faced by companies looking... [more...]

  • Spotlight on Sir Phillip Green

    A new article in the Telegraph profiles Sir Phillip Green, owner of Arcadia and inspiration for retail sales employees.Comprising chain stores such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Bhs, Arcadia is one of Britain's top ten private retailers, the newspaper observes.The chains... [more...]

  • Rhodes gives credit to mannequin entrepreneur

    Fashion designer Zandra Rhodes has described how a successful entrepreneur inspired her to make her way in the fashion business.Speaking to the Guardian, Rhodes said that her friendship with Adel Rootstein, who started mannequin company Adel Rootstein and Co, was an inspiration both personally... [more...]

  • Simple satnav 'should be easy'

    Most people should be able to manage their satnav systems, according to the head of road safety with the AA.Andrew Howard commented that the most basic instructions should be accessible to all drivers without the need for a manual, in comments that may interest people whose sales jobs require... [more...]

  • Graduate applicants 'must offer more than a degree'

    Applicants for graduate sales jobs and other post-university roles should try to offer a diverse range of skills to prospective employers, according to the head of public policy with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).The REC's Anne Fairweather commented that recruiters are... [more...]

  • British workers have 'sports fatigue'

    UK employees may be tired of the Olympics before the event gets into its stride, a new survey indicates.A survey by Monster Meter found that nine per cent of British people intend to take time out of their day to keep track of the Olympics, compared to 18 per cent who will do so occasionally,... [more...]

  • IT sales recruitment 'a challenge'

    Sales recruitment in the IT and technology sector can be difficult, the Scottish Technology Industry Survey 2008 has found.According to Online Recruitment magazine, 81 per cent of respondents to the survey cited difficulty accessing qualified staff in the technology sector.This year's poll... [more...]

  • Account managers invited to collaborate with new device

    A new BlackBerry-based sales aid has been designed, with the aim of supporting and motivating people in their sales jobs.Developed by PHM in conjunction with BlackBerry makers Research in Motion, the new Activ8 device is designed to help sales job teams generate increased sales.Promising... [more...]

  • Financial services 'among sectors hit by new recruitment rules'

    The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has warned that new rules could hike the cost of hiring temporary workers.According to Personnel Today, the REC stated that recruitment costs for companies hiring staff to do temporary sales jobs or occupy other roles could rise by £400... [more...]

  • Hi-tech sales jobs 'being created'

    A number of new sales jobs are being created in the technology sector, a new report notes that the technology recruitment sector is still going strong, despite high profile reports of a forthcoming recession.On the contrary, some 160 jobs in the technology industry were... [more...]

  • Are sales managers chained to their desks?

    Executives find it difficult to disengage from work while on holiday, according to a new study that may ring true for sales managers.A study by has found that 82 per cent of UK executives plan to stay in contact with their workplace during their summer break, with 58 per cent... [more...]

  • Telesales thriving as consumers shop from home, says study

    Telesales success rates are booming, according to a new survey that may interest sales job applicants.A study from market research firm GfK has discovered that the number of mobile phone contracts purchased via telesales departments or on the web increased by ten per cent between the first and... [more...]

  • Do sales jobs in London breed sleep deprivation?

    Sales jobs in London may be causing sleep deprivation among workers, a new study suggests.Research by Silentnight Holdings indicates that 27 per cent of residents of the capital city find it difficult to sleep due to money worries, reports Bloomberg.The Sleep Report also discovered that about a... [more...]

  • Lunch hours 'essential to productivity'

    People who fail to take a lunch break from their sales job or other role could find their performance is hampered, a new study indicates.A survey by Employment Law Advisory Services (ELAS) suggests that almost 90 per cent of workers in the UK do not take their allocated lunch entitlement in its... [more...]

  • GPS 'could be incorporated into next iPod touch'

    GPS capabilities could be incorporated into the next generation of iPod touch, in news that may interest people whose sales jobs require them to travel.Reports suggest that the next generation of the Apple gadget could mimic the GPS navigation that is currently available on the iPhone, which... [more...]

  • Sales executives 'should inspire, not fire'

    Managers have been urged to work with their staff to stave off the worst effects of the credit crunch.Online Recruitment magazine reports on advice from Rob Coates of Willerby Hill, who claims that organisations that opt for redundancies during a period of economic slowdown may regret this... [more...]

  • Don't let politics influence sales recruitment, bosses urged

    Sales recruitment is among the most difficult endeavours for any industry, a new article asserts.Sue Barrett writes on her blog for Smart Company that recruiting candidates for sales jobs is hard and often hampered by politics, nepotism and inaccurate perceptions of the qualities a good... [more...]

  • Bosses 'feel obliged to give pay rises'

    Bosses and managers feel pressured to give pay rises to employees - including those in sales jobs - because of rising costs, including increased energy and food prices, a survey has suggested.The study was conducted by Croner Reward - part of Wolters Kluwer UK - in June 2008 and found that the... [more...]

  • Managers 'can't let go of their business on holiday'

    Some 85 per cent of managers and executives admit that they check their work email while they are away on holiday, a new survey has revealed. reported that of these people, 79 per cent check their business email while on holiday, according to a survey from Peninsula. It is common... [more...]

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I found Aaron Wallis to be very professional and efficient, taking time to understand the role and the type of candidate we were looking for. The candidates they put forward met our criteria and were of a high standard. The service they provided was exemplary and I would have no hesitation in recommending them, and will certainly consider using them again in the future.

HR Assistant, Fischer Connectors Ltd

Giles is highly professional and was a pleasure to work with. He achieves excellent results through his personable skills and tenacity. I have no hesitation in recommending Giles to anyone who considers employing his services.

Commercial Director, G4S Government & Outsourcing Solutions

Since joining DSGi, Rob has been a supplier of permanent staff and has performed to an extremely high standard, successfully filling 98% of roles he has worked on. If anyone is looking for a good sales and marketing based consultancy with an informal yet professional approach, I would recommend Rob.

Senior Recruitment Consultant, DSG International

I just wanted to thank you for your help with our recruitment process which went very smoothly and has – we hope – found us just the person for the job!

Managing Director, Citrefine International Ltd

Rob is a true recruitment professional that goes the extra mile that I have never experienced from any other recruitment agency before. If you need sales people call Rob or someone in his team, as they really are experts in sales recruitment.

Sales Director, Inside Business

Rob’s knowledge of the recruitment industry and his thoughts and how to make it better for his clients have always been eye opening. I would recommend Rob to anybody who is looking for a professional, knowledgeable and flexible recruitment specialist.

CEO, Friday Ad Online Services

I have always found Rob to be very knowledgeable about our industry sector, and it is refreshing to see after all of these years that Rob continues to quickly and accurately understand my requirements.

HR and General Manager, THK

I really liked the YouTube presentations which made the service seem both simple and accessible. The company came to see me, and my management team, at short notice to present their service and I liked the support and advice that I received about maximising the results from the applicant.

Managing Director, Leisuresec plc

Giles Phillips is a rare find in the minefield of sales recruitment; an honest and thoughtful recruiter who considers the needs of both the client AND the candidate to create perfect role matches. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Marketing Director, City of London Police

In an industry where people over promise and under deliver, Rob and his teams have consistently provided a high-quality service. It is great to deal with someone that has an excellent understanding of UK industry, and a passion for sales.

Sales Manager, TR Fasteners

I have used Aaron Wallis to fill a number of our Sales Development Manager roles and I have found them to provide a very professional service. I will use their services again in future recruitment campaigns.

HR Business Partner, Greene King

We appointed Aaron Wallis in February and the successful candidate, out of the six which Aaron Wallis introduced, was able to join Alphametrics before the end of April. The whole process took less than three months. I would recommend Aaron Wallis’ services to others without hesitation.

Chief Financial Officer, Alphametrics

We were impressed not only by the quality of candidates you found for us but also the level of information, preparation and qualification you put into the process. You continually kept us informed of each person’s feelings about the process, which is very important but often overlooked. I am looking forward to working with your company again in the future.

Commercial Director, Incentive Facilities Management

Thanks for all your help during the recruitment process. I have been extremely impressed with Aaron Wallis especially when compared to other agencies we have dealt with. I really felt you grasped the type of person we required and found strong candidates.

UK Sales Manager, Nexcom

Understood the type of person we were looking for and good follow ups - not too frequent.

Managing Director, bigHead Bonding Fasteners Ltd

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Fantastic service, helped me find my ideal job quickly and smoothly. Would highly recommend them

C. Caine, Candidate

The Recruitment agent I used, Simon, was extremely helpful and really went the extra mile to ensure all of my questions were answered, and that I felt as comfortable and prepared as possible. Very professional company and would definitely recommend to others. Thank you Aaron Wallis!

A. Callaby, Candidate

A great recruitment company to work with. Excellent experience with Aaron Wallis through the entire recruitment process. The team was really professional and extremely helpful. Darren was a pleasure to work with. He was friendly, supportive and gave me great advice. Thank you very much!

A. Bauchet, Candidate

Aaron Wallis helped me secure a position I really wanted. Giles saught to keep me updated with all the details preceding interviews and after with feedback. I would highly recommend Giles and Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment.

L. Taylor, Candidate

Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment are a very friendly and professional recruitment organisation who listen to your needs, work with you and act on your behalf which sets them apart from many of their competitors who in my experience are willing to throw anything at you. We discussed my history, my preferences and my wishes - one opportunity was introduced. It was perfect. I start at the end of June.

R. Buckley, Candidate

Aaron Wallis (and in particular Rob Scott) have been fantastic throughout the recruitment process, and even a few months down the line, still continues to care. Rob clearly cares about each individual and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which shows in the work he does. Each candidate is not just a number, and the support received from Aaron Wallis has helped me get a career which I truly enjoy.

M. White, Candidate

Less than two weeks after joining Aaron Wallis I was offered my new job. I got a £10,000 rise in my basic salary, car allowance, a laptop and many other perks, which will help to further my career. I definitely would not have found my dream job without the help of Aaron Wallis.

C. Hoy, Candidate

Excellent experience from first contact to ultimately securing a suitable placement. Giles looked after me in a very professional and friendly manner. He used his expertise and experience to ensure I was put forward for the most suitable positions for my skill set and found me a new role very quickly. I can't recommend Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment highly enough.

M. Green, Candidate

I can honestly say that the time and expertise you gave me was way beyond any other recruitment consultant I dealt with. You are a rarity in your industry.

S. Akers, Candidate

Really excellent experience dealing with Aaron Wallis. Liam Oakes who helped me get a great job was brilliant. Kept me up to date during the process and offered great help and advice, and a thoroughly nice guy. Highly recommended!

J. Hathaway, Candidate

Excellent service, very professional and friendly, would and have, recommended Aaron Wallis.

E. Heley, Candidate

Perfect from start to finish. Simon deserves a shout out. Best recruiter there is. If you need a job, this guy will get you one. He's like the super man of recruiters. Top man, can't recommend him enough.

M. Crisp, Candidate

Very good advice and support was given during the course of the interviewing process. Potential job seekers would be well advised to use this company whilst looking for their new career.

R. Speakman, Candidate

I have to say coming across and having dealings with Aaron Wallis proved to be very successful. Being highly experienced did not seem to count for much during my job search bit a conversation with Robert Scott gave me a real confidence boost and enabled to get a position at the age of 63. Great service!!!!!!

D. Burgess, Candidate

Aaron Wallis is an outstanding recruitment agency specialising in high calibre sales positions. I was working directly with Darren Dawrance who went above and beyond my expectations in sourcing me my perfect role. I was kept in regular communication with Darren and he worked extremely hard to secure my dream job. Highly recommended and Thanks Darren for all your expertise and hard work.

R. Sealy, Candidate

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