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Systems oriented, follows processes, looks to make processes more efficient.  Adhering to required legislation and regulations


Able to deal with and handle complex objections and maintain composure and credibility.  Good questioning skills, ability to build rapport at all levels, particularly at senior levels


Doesn’t settle with the status quo or mediocrity and is always looking to improve systems and processes.


Engaging personality that can establish and build rapport.  Has the confidence to pitch opportunities to candidates, interview and qualify candidates, take a job specification from a client, take client and candidate post-interview feedback, etc.


Possessing the gravitas to build business relationships across all levels.  As a person you will be a credible and highly likeable sales professional that is driven, knowledgeable, willing to learn and well presented.


The kind of person that has purpose in their life, has direction, has goals and knows what they want and why they want it.


Unafraid to contribute to company direction.  Willing to make their views and thoughts known.  Frank and open.

Good English and Creative Writing skills

Solid Spelling and Grammar.  Ability to creatively write adverts, bogs, web content, new articles, etc.


Must enjoy learning new skills, new industry sectors.  An individual that naturally wants to increase their knowledge and expertise.

IT Literate

Above average knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.  Ability and keenness to learn new systems.

Lateral Thinking

Ability to approach a specification from various angles to source suitable applicants.  Enjoys providing solutions


Well planned and project management approach to getting a job done. Good time management and possessing the ability to work several projects simultaneously


Taking the knocks with a smile and always striving to be the positive and  personable.  Recruitment is often a ‘thankless task’ but you must be continuously positive to succeed.


Will take ownership and provide solutions with a ‘can do’ attitude.


A conscientious person that can be depended upon to get a good job done.


Recruitment is rough.  Being able to ‘take the knocks’ and ‘bounce back’.  Taking responsibility and accountability.  Learning from mistakes.  Many would describe their first year in recruitment as a ‘rollercoaster of emotions’

Sales Competent

You will quite simply be the best and most competitive sales professional that you know.  Always willing to learn new skills and looking to develop.  Realising that sales is a skill that is always changing and keeping up with new methodologies.  The kind of person that has paid to develop their own skills, i.e. purchased and read books on sales, attended conferences and sales seminars, booked themselves on sales training courses out of their own pocket. 

Sales Resilient

The kind of person that doesn’t have ‘bad days’.  Always looking to improve and succeed.  Willing to take rejection and keep going. Possessing  a cheery ‘winning attitude’. 


Stable career history and persona.  Looking for a long-term career role.  This role offers great room for movement and the opportunity for you to make you mark within a rapidly advancing and fast changing sector.


Will work with others for the good of the company.  Will willingly help and support others.

Willingness to undertake repetitive tasks

Such as advert writing, advert posting, data cleansing, searching databases and sourcing candidates


Aaron Wallis, Snowdon, 2011

Cheque Presentation to MK SET

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