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It is very important to us that your experience of Aaron Wallis is as positive as possible.  

Like any other business Aaron Wallis has to protect its interests and has three pages of small print to cover many circumstances and eventualities that luckily we very, very rarely have to enforce.  

We do not want to be seen as a business that ever hides behind small print and our Directors will be more than happy to talk through any clauses within our Terms of Business which are not clear to you.  

With this spirit in mind we detail the 'Big Print' which details the major points of our terms in clear, easy to understand English.  So here goes!

What's the percentage?  Fees - Our fees are 15% of the candidate's first year's guaranteed income (basic salary or fees, guaranteed bonuses or guaranteed commission, salary allowances including regional weightings, inducement payments, the provision of a car allowance) based on a fair period of exclusivity where Aaron Wallis will act as your sole recruitment partner.  Our non exclusive terms, should you wish to use multiple agencies, are 20% of the candidate's first year's guaranteed income

Do You Charge for a Car?  Aaron Wallis do not charge for the provision of a company vehicle but do charge for Car Allowances when it is paid to the employee as salary.

How much will this cost?  We will provide you with both a percentage of first year remuneration and a total cost in £.  i.e. The Fee based upon a Basic Salary of £30,000 at 20% of the candidate's first year's guaranteed income will be £6,000 plus VAT.

Fixed Fee Benefit -  We would like all clients to sign our terms of business before we embark on an assignment. This means that all parties are fully aware what fees apply, when payment is due and the unbelievable 12 month investment protection scheme that applies.  To encourage you to sign and return these terms we will fix the fee at the total fee detailed above.  

This means that if you need to pay that little bit extra basic salary or guarantee a bonus to secure the right candidate you don't have to worry about an increased recruitment fee.  To ensure that your fee is fixed at the above rate we must receive the signed terms within 2 working days of the date received.

What's Included? Our standard service includes the sourcing of the applicant, full process management, candidate skills testing, candidate psychometric profile, suggested interview questions and 12 months Investment Protection should the candidate leave your employ.

What are the Payment Terms? Our Payments Terms are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice.  An invoice will be sent on the day that the candidates commences employment with your business (different terms apply to retained services, managed advertising services and other special services).  

Please note that our rebate scheme (Investment Protection) will not apply unless payment is received within 30 days.

What's the Rebate Scheme (Investment Protection) As long your payment is received within the payment terms on invoice you will qualify for the following 12 month investment protection scheme:

  • Upto 4 weeks a new Applicant supplied free of charge

  • Months 2-6 A rebate of 40% of the fee

  • Months 7-12 A rebate of 20% of the fee

Changing the Aaron Wallis Terms of Business  - We believe our terms are fair and reasonable but if you don't like a clause simply talk to us and we'll see what we can do. No changes to our terms can be made unless signed by one of our directors.  Any amendments to our terms must take place before a first interview takes place.

Please refer to our full terms of business for full information.

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