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There are over 18,000 recruitment agencies in the UK (apparently that is just slightly more than restaurants!)  

Therefore with such a wide choice why should you choose Aaron Wallis as your sales recruitment partner?  

After considerable research we believe that the ten major expectations of UK sales employers are a recruitment partner that can offer the following:

  1. Availability (Aaron Wallis are open 8AM to 6PM Monday to Friday and will normally reply to all emails within 24 hours),
  2. Speed and Accuracy of sourcing candidates
  3. Confidence in a positive outcome - through effective process, etc, include the Science behind the recruitment processes - psychometrics, aptitude testing, etc.
  4. Single experienced Account Manager and a Single Point of Contact throughout the process
  5. Commitment to represent you professionally and effectively
  6. Effective communication throughout the process
  7. Value for money and fair payment terms.
  8. Protection on the recruitment investment
  9. Expert advice throughout the recruitment process
  10. Results, fast!

In forming Aaron Wallis back in 2007 we decided to address all of the above ten points and more.  

Before selecting a recruitment partner and comparing Aaron Wallis with competitors check through the following list of ten key criteria:

Recruitment Partner Checklist

1 Are Terms and fees clearly stated?

Aaron Wallis provides each client with what we call 'The Big Print' that accompanies our terms.  This clearly details our proposed fee, payment terms and rebate scheme.  We don't hide behind the 'small print'

2 What are the payment terms?

Aaron Wallis offer 30 days payment as standard

3 Will they meet with me to take the specification?

Aaron Wallis wants to meet with every client that we represent

4 Do they meet every candidate?

Aaron Wallis will try and meet every candidate, where practical.

5 What is the rebate scheme that is offered?

Aaron Wallis offer 12 months rebate/investment protection as standard

6 Can they deliver and can they deliver to timescales?

Aaron Wallis are sales recruitment experts.  Together with access to the details of around 1 in 4 of the total of UK sales professionals we will also go into the market and proactively source the talent on your behalf. Aaron Wallis like to set time scales with all employer clients when taking the brief. We will then keep you abreast of our progress throughout the process and inform you of delays

7 Is psychometric profiling of all candidates offered as standard?  

Aaron Wallis will psychometrically profile every candidate prior to interview.

8 Is skills testing of all candidates offered as standard?

Aaron Wallis will suggest a battery of skills testing tailored to your requirements.  All candidates will be tested accordingly.

9 Is the fee clearly set out?

Aaron Wallis charge 15% of the candidate's first years' remuneration (basic and guaranteed bonuses) on the basis of two weeks as your exclusive recruitment partner.  When you place a vacancy we will confirm both this fee as a percentage and as a fixed monetary value.  Our fees for non-exclusive business are 20% - see our terms of business for more information

10 Do they offer a Fixed Price Recruitment Service?

When you agree to Aaron Wallis' Terms of Business the fee is as a monetary value is fixed at that rate for that vacancy.  This means that you can then offer a better package to your ideal candidate without the added concern of an increased recruitment fee.

We are confident that no other recruitment provider is able to offer you such an inclusive service and we aim to get it right first time, every time. Our service has helped hundred's of employers to increase staff effectiveness and lower staff attrition.  Find out more at 'Why Use Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment'

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