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Spending over 7 years in the Grenadier Guards as an Infantry Section Commander I returned from Afghanistan and was given a 2 year posting in my hometown to recruit for the Army. After completing the 2 year posting and seeing it as a natural transition I moved to Aaron Wallis and focussed on Technical Sales recruitment. Specialising in senior level positions for SME’s to major corporates my area of expertise is with technically credible sales professionals and placing them in suitable posts.

A dedicated family man I enjoy spending time with my two daughters after spending a significant amount of time away when in the Army. When not playing the fool with the kids you’ll find me running the back roads of Northampton always trying to beat my personal best which seems to be 6 days a week. Also a keen shot I enjoy clay and game shooting and commit heavily to a local shooting syndicate where I work my Springer Spaniel. Working dogs are a big passion for me and spend many a frustrating day training the Spaniel and being dragged down to the park by my German Shepherd.

Steve can be contacted on 01908 061400

About Stephen Minney as a Recruiter

Describe your role in one sentence? Consultant within technical sales roles, primarily dealing with senior level sales profesionals.

What is your style? Analytical, precise and realistic.

What’s the one thing that you’re best at solving for your clients. To provide realistic solutions.

Why would a client want to work with you? Concise, timely, realistic

What would you describe to be your main skill that allows you to be a decent recruiter? Staying power, I don’t falter at the first failed search

What is the favourite aspect of your work? Dealing with unique companies with a specific need

What would you do, as a career, if you weren’t working in recruitment? Field agent at MI5 or Farmer ha ha!

What makes a great sales person – 3 words? Pro-active, Planned, open-minded

Steve Minney Steve with Spaniel gundog Stephen Minney Steve on Jersey Challenge 2012

About Steve Minney as a Person

What is the title of the last book you read? The Discoverers by Daniel Boorstin slightly conservative but a great read covering exploration, science, maths, evolution etc.

What is the best program on television? Big Bang Theory

What is the mantra, motivational quote or poem that inspires you? Run the day or let the day run you.

What TV programme do you find the most irritating? X-Factor

What is your favourite sport? Game Shooting

Favourite ride at the amusement park? Old one but I’m still addicted to Oblivion at Alton Towers

What do you think the secret to a good life is? Honesty and Ambition

If your house was on fire and you could grab only 3 material possessions before leaving, what would they be? Mobile phone, car keys, blanket

When you think of leadership what famous figure, live or dead, springs to mind? Ernest Shackleton

Who is a famous person that has inspired you but not many people know about? Arnold Schwarzenegger, truly humble beginnings and took over the world