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Candidate’s skills’ testing is a fundamental inclusion of our standard recruitment service. There is a choice of 1100 (and continuously growing!) skills tests to choose from, and as each test takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete we typically recommend that you select a battery of between 1 and 3 tests from the catalogue.

The results can be utilised for both selection and training.

Download our Skills Testing Brochure as a PDF: PDF Skills Testing Brochure

View our skills testing Brochure as a flash file: Aaron Wallis Skills Testing Brochure as a Flash File

All of the tests are delivered and completed online, and other than selection of tests , you have nothing to worry about.

The majority of the tests take between 15 to 40 minutes and are multiple choice questions (MCQ).  The tests have proven test validity and were developed by professional experts in the field to ensure content validity. For details of our test validation click here.

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