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We estimate that there are probably around 300 reasonably widely used job titles within sales but the common ones and the broad definitions of what they entail, are as follows.  Follow the hyperlink to find out more:

Estate Agent - Selling or renting both commercial and residential property the role usually involves working weekends.  Basic salaries tend to be lower £12K - £22K but the potential to earn is often £40K or more.

Pre-sales/Technical sales support - Normally in technical, engineering or IT sectors your role is to support the sales team from a technical capacity in order to 'close the deal'.  You are the conduit between the clients technical staff and your team and often have to relay the information in layman's terms' to the various decision makes within the process.  The role varies enormously between companies as do the salaries as they range from £16K - £60K

Retail Sales - working in a retail sales environment selling to and advising end users/consumers the role can be hugely sales oriented.  Normally for the higher earnings in retail sales you are expected to proactively engage customers that come into the store.  Salaries range from £12 to £22K but in proactive retail sales roles you can often earn £35-£45K. 

Sales Trainer - Purely training the sales team the role could be field or office based.  You will tailor your training to the individual's needs and often be measuring them against development plans.  Salaries are £22K - £40K.

Specification Sales - typically in the construction industry (but also in Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) and IT) your role is to that your product gets specified initially into a project i.e. with an architect, systems integrator or M&E consultant.  Often you'll then have to manage the sale through the supply chain - Builder's Merchant, Specialist Suppliers, etc.  Salaries range from £28K to £55K). 

Partner sales - setting up partnerships and affiliations, i.e. getting other companies to sell product for a commission.  Very common in software and new media sales but it is said that partnership sales is very much the future across all sectors.  Salaries are typically £25K to £55K.