UK Sales Industry Statistics

Aaron Wallis is a leader within the UK sales recruitment industry and has researched and commissioned some of the largest surveys of UK and Irish sales professionals over the last few years.  This information is free to download to our employer  and candidate clients and provides a powerful and fascinating insight into the minds of sales professionals.  

Our most recent survey was launched in late July 2009 and was live for 6 weeks.  The survey contained 70 questions and covered all aspects of sales from remuneration through to sales targets to key motivators to work-life balance and everything in-between.  

The survey was fully completed by 644 sales professionals and partially completed by a further 140.  This has enabled us to provide a powerful insight into the 'State of Sales in the UK in 2009'.  The aim of the survey was to give us all greater understanding on how to manage and motivate our sales teams through tough financial times and beyond.  

The survey was similar to another that was commissioned by our Managing Director, Rob Scott, back in 2007 so it has been a great exercise to compare attitudes and perspectives between the buoyant economic times of 2007 and the tougher ones of 2009.

It is our intention to run the survey again in 2012 where it will be once again fascinating to see how trends and changes have impacted upon the minds and motivations of our UK sales force.

The State of Sales in the UK is available free of charge to download by following the link below:

UK Sales Industry Statistics

In 2009 we commissioned a comprehensive survey of UK sales professionals.  It makes interesting reading, download your copy of the white paper below:

The State of Sales in the UK - A Comprehensive Overview of the British Sales Industry


Irish Sales Industry Statistics

In conjunction with Niall Kelly and our friends at we also undertook a comparison with the Irish Sales Industry. conducted the survey with a similar number across Eire and the downloads of this survey are available here:

The State of Sales in Ireland - A Comprehensive Overview of the Irish Sales Industry

Irish and UK Sales Industry Comparisons

In late 2009 we combined the two surveys together to create a fascinating comparison of the two surveys.  The resulting report can be downloaded free of charge here.

The State of Sales in Ireland and the UK - A Comprehensive Comparison of the UK and Irish Sales Industries

Overview of the UK Sales Industry

The UK sales industry is huge and it is estimated that about 1 in 6 employees according to the latest Crown Statistics are employed either directly or indirectly in sales.  And sales skills are becoming harder and harder to source.  What a great time to be in sales!

According to the 2003 Learning Skills Council's survey (LSC National 2003 (IFF/IER) Survey 2003: Main Report) 'sales vacancies' represent 17% of all outstanding vacancies and 14% of 'Hard to Fill' vacancies.  Proving that sales vacancies are becoming harder to fill year-by-year and probably goes to explain why the basic salaries in sales have increased sharply in the last 5 years.  

A strong sales team is imperative to succeed in today's highly competitive commercial world.  In a recent sales survey of close to 1,000 sales professionals ( some 62% felt that sales was the most influential division of their business and their influence on business direction had increased exponentially over the last 5 years.

Use of the Survey Information (the legal bit)

The State of Sales in the UK information is Copyright © Aaron Wallis Recruitment and Training Limited, 2009. All rights reserved.  The copyright in this work is vested in Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment and the document is issued in confidence for the purpose only for which it is supplied. The information contained in this survey can be reproduced in whole, or in part, and used for any means on the proviso that Rob Scott and/or Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment is cited as the author of the work and a reference is given to  Use of the report and the statistics within the report is free for education and training purposes.  

We Welcome Academic Use and Academic Study of the Report Findings

Use of the report and statistics have been used extensively by undergraduates and students.  We welcome academic study of the report and would love to hear your findings and thoughts - please email .  However please do ensure the correct referencing of the survey and ideally point to the full source on