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With over 17,000 recruitment agencies operating in the UK, which apparently is slightly more than restaurants, we know how difficult it is to choose the right sales recruitment service for your business.  

We are convinced that you will not find a better, more professional, more robust recruitment service than that offered by Aaron Wallis and have put together a short checklist to ensure that you choose the right sales recruitment agency for your campaign.

To help you make the right decision when appointing a recruitment partner we outline twelve key points for you to check and validate

12 Questions to Ask of Your Recruitment Partner

....... and how Aaron Wallis would answer these questions

1) What are your fees?

As a sole agency, our fees are 15% of the candidates first year remuneration.  This means basic salary and guaranteed bonuses.  We do not charge for the provision of a company vehicle as it is a 'tool of the trade' for most sales roles.  On a non-exclusive basis our fees are 20% of the first year remuneration.

2) Where can I view your terms of business?

Aaron Wallis Terms of Business can be downloaded here.  Unlike most of our competitors we're happy to share our terms with you before you make an enquiry.

3) How do you confirm the identity of each candidate?

Aaron Wallis meet all candidates (or will inform you otherwise) face-to-face to validate their identity.  A candidate's identity and eligibility to work in the UK is kept on record for 6 years

4) What is included in your recruitment service?

Aaron Wallis offers psychometric questionnaires, access to formal candidate skills testing and a full interview aide together with the candidate's actual CV.  The interview aide and psychometric report is provided prior to first interview and access to the skills testing is typically provided prior to second interview.  We will ask you which psychometric and skills testing you would like to choose at the beginning of the assignment

5) What is your rebate scheme?

Aaron Wallis offer a 12 month rebate scheme to protect your investment in new staff.  It's a sliding scale across the year and full details can be seen in our terms of business.  Aaron Wallis Terms of Business can be downloaded here.

6) Do you operate at a fixed price?

Aaron Wallis agree a fixed rate for their service which is agreed at the beginning of each assignment.  This ensures that you remain in control of your recruitment budget.  The fixed price varies dependent on salary and will be agreed at the beginning of the assignment with your consultant.  For the fixed price to apply we require agreement to our terms of business at the start of the assignment.

7) What is the background of my recruitment consultant?

All of the Aaron Wallis team of recruiters have at least five years experience of executive recruitment and will remain your single point of contact throughout your recruitment campaign from taking the job specification to the candidate starting in your business.  So the person that takes your specification will deliver the recruitment service.

8) How do you attract the top sales talent?

Over 1,000 candidates per month register with Aaron Wallis through this website and we attract over 4,500 every month through our extensive and varied marketing methods.  We advertise on the top 5 major job boards and all of the sales specialist boards.  Aaron Wallis also operates 40 niche sales job boards and is a front page return for all popular strings with every major search engine.

9) What are your payment terms?

Standard Aaron Wallis payment terms are 30 days from the date of the candidate starting employment with you.  Alterations to this must be agreed in writing at the start of the assignment.

10) Can you provide testimonials, case studies and reference points?

Aaron Wallis will be happy to provide any potential client with testimonials and past clients to call.  Normally they will be from your own industry sector.  Please call 01908 061400 for further information.

11) Are you members of any trade bodies or associations?

Aaron Wallis are corporate members of the REC, the industry trade body and members of the Association of Executive Recruiters.  We adhere to the REC Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.  In addition we are members of the ISMM, Institute of Sales and Marketing Management together with  various local Chamber of Commerce and similar organisations

12) Do you offer any advice for conducting interviews or employing staff?

Aaron Wallis offers a comprehensive client advice centre which details the latest employer legislation and regulations together with hints and tips on how to interview.  In addition it offers guides on competency interviewing techniques and what needs to be in place before you employ your first member of staff.

For our exclusive clients we also offer a service where our consultants will formally competency interview candidates in conjunction with your own staff allowing them to make notes, observe body language and effectively listen.  This has provided a platform for many of our clients to significantly increase and hone their own personal interviewing skills

For further information and the questions that we are frequently asked by potential customers visit: