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Up to date and accurate data is vital to ongoing sales success and clean data provides new opportunities for your business and ensures that money is not wasted on marketing campaigns going to the wrong contacts, wrong decision makers and wrong addresses!

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 20% of all business data becomes outdated every year.  This means that a fifth of your marketing campaign could be going to the wrong contacts or the wrong address.  

Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul of your data or just a few days to freshen the data in preparation for a sales or mailing campaign, Aaron Wallis are able to offer an outsourced telemarketing solution or temporary sales led staff to undertake this task.  

Aaron Wallis are able to offer you two services to help cleanse your data:

Telemarketing Data Cleansing Services. From £20 per hour

Our telemarketing team will clean the data on your behalf.  The cost ranges between £20 to £28 per hour to manually call each contact, confirm the address and contact details, confirm that they are the appropriate decision maker from your business, add further relevant contacts and gather further information that you require.  

Additional data could include annual budgets for purchase, existing suppliers, existing supplier contract information and other detailed company information.   The resulting data is supplied to you in a CSV file or spreadsheet for you to import onto your CRM system.  We are also flexible to use your own CRM system if this can be facilitated.  

Our costs include all calls, reporting and administration and we commit to a service level agreement to ensure that your campaign is successful

Data Cleansing Campaign by Temporary Sales Staff from £11 per hour

We will source and manage temporary sales led staff to work from your premises to cleanse your customer database.  

Rates range from £11 to £18 per hour (dependent on the experience that you require) and includes the worker's rate, employers NI contributions, worker's holiday entitlement and administering all payroll, tax issues.  

Please contact Aaron Wallis for further information and a specific quotation on 01908 061400 or complete the form on the right.