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Do you fancy a weekend away on Aaron Wallis?  Or perhaps you’d prefer a golfing break, the opportunity to drive a Ferrari AND a Lamborghini, a private family flight over London, store vouchers or a Luxury Hamper?

With over 450 incentives and combinations of incentive we are confident that there will be a reward that inspires you!

Simply complete the referral form below (please refer to the short terms and conditions)

Person or company that you are Referring


Terms & Conditions for Aaron Wallis Reward Incentive Scheme

We have some very basic terms and conditions to ensure that our reward scheme is not abused.

1. ‘Recommending a candidate to us that we subsequently place’ means that the candidate that you recommend becomes engaged directly by an Aaron Wallis client as a permanent employee of that company, or as an employee of Aaron Wallis.

2. ‘Referring an employer that we subsequently place with’ means that the contact/client/company that you refer us to has a permanent vacancy that we subsequently fill and that we are then able to invoice.

3. To qualify you must detail your recommendation and contact details in the referral form. We will then return to you with a unique code confirming that you have made the referral.

4. Payment of the online voucher will be made to you once the recommended candidate has commenced employment with our client OR once an Aaron Wallis candidate has commenced employment on a permanent basis with an employer client that you have referred to us.

5. No claim will be considered without documentary evidence of the referral. Aaron Wallis retains the right to change the referral scheme at any time and the images used on this page represent rewards available as of 15th October 2014