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  • REC: 60% of firms to recruit this quarter

    Results from the latest Recruitment and Employment Confederation's (REC's) monthly JobsOutlook report has shown that the majority of firms are planning to bolster their permanent workforces over the next three months.The findings revealed that 60 per cent of those surveyed said they... [more...]

  • Lack of feedback 'can be crushing for young jobseekers'

    A survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and membership organisation Business in the Community has shown that young jobseekers are extremely disheartened by the lack of feedback they receive after unsuccessfully applying for jobs.Furthermore, findings revealed... [more...]

  • Construction output hits five-year high

    A report by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) has shown that workloads in the construction sector for the first quarter of 2013 have revealed the most positive start to the year since 2008.Interestingly, Northern Ireland's construction sector continues to lag considerably... [more...]

  • Britain 'a nation of all work and no play'

    A survey by Travelodge suggests that many of Britain's workers have a tendency to adopt an 'all work and no play' policy, as job market pressures force more and more people to put in extra hours in the evenings and over the weekend.According to the research, 46 per cent of employees... [more...]

  • Employees working 10 hours a week for free

    A new study by Travelodge has shown that almost three-quarters (72 per cent) of British workers are effectively doing ten hours of unpaid overtime every single week. On the average UK hourly wage of £12.76, this equates to £127.60 worth of weekly losses for the employee or a... [more...]

  • Increase in employee numbers for manufacturing sector

    According to the latest Industrial Trends survey by the UK's leading business organisation, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), there was a ten per cent increase in the number of people employed by the manufacturing sector when compared with previous quarter.Recruitment in the... [more...]

  • Retail store cards should be regulated, says YouGov survey

    A new survey by YouGov has shown that a considerable 86 per cent of the British public feel that there needs to be more governmental regulation of retail store cards.This was said to be the case because consumers are worried that they are not sufficiently protected when outlets fall into... [more...]

  • Immigration law - what do the changes mean for employers?

    Glyn Lloyd, an employment lawyer specialising in immigration law at Morgan Cole, has outlined what changes to immigration law may mean for employers, of which directors, boards and HR departments should all be aware.Writing for HR Magazine, he said the changes implemented at the start of this... [more...]

  • New Xbox launching May 21st

    Tech geniuses up and down the country have been speculating about the new Xbox console for quite some time. However, WindowsITPro blogger Paul Thurrott - dubbed "one of the biggest mouths in tech" by -  has gone some way to dispel or confirm the myths surrounding its... [more...]

  • Ease red tape to boost employment, says Birmingham Chamber

    The Birmingham Chamber has urged the government to cut back on the rules and regulations restricting businesses in the region in order to curb unemployment figures for the region.Jobs figures for this area show that unemployment is the third highest out of all regions in the country, with a rate... [more...]

  • Companies missing out on sales due to information controls

    A new survey has shown that 40 per cent of companies have missed out on invaluable sales opportunities because employees were unable to access crucial information they needed to carry out their duties.One perhaps more worrying statistic highlighted by the Voltage Security survey revealed that as... [more...]

  • Manufacturing pay remains stable, EEF/JAM survey shows

    A new survey has revealed that in the three month period up to the end of March, salaries in the manufacturing sector remained broadly similar to the three months leading up to the end of February.The EEF - a manufacturers' organisation - and JAM Recruitment survey of 245 firms showed that... [more...]

  • 'Talking to people at work' matters to 22% of employees

    A new study looking into trends in the workplace has found that for a considerable 22 per cent of people, being able to talk to other people while at work is important to them in terms of how happy they are in their job.The survey by Surbiton High School revealed several other trends concerning... [more...]

  • Rise in permanent and temporary placements for Scots

    In positive news for the labour market in Scotland, figures have shown that last month there was an increase in the number of permanent and temporary work placements.After a fall in February, the statistics from a report by the Bank of Scotland compiled by Markit revealed that recruitment firms... [more...]

  • Online business 'thriving in the UK'

    With almost all companies which operate online having experienced growth over the last three years, online business is expanding at a rate 50 times faster than that of the UK economy.A survey by Barclays' Technology, Media and Telecoms industry team showed that online firms have surged by... [more...]

  • Skills deficit looming, says REC

    Despite data from the Office for National Statistics which revealed that employment rates remain relatively stable while unemployment levels have fallen slightly, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has commented that for those who are planning to recruit this year, there is not... [more...]

  • Employment programme in Wales 'beats target by 50%'

    In great news for employment prospects for young jobseekers in Wales, a programme to help them find employment has beaten its targets by 50 per cent.The South Wales Evening Post reported how Jobs Growth Wales - a £75 million scheme launched in April 2012 - has already created almost 6,000... [more...]

  • Syllabuses 'need to address shortage in young engineers'

    Neil Carberry, director for employment and skills at the UK's premier business lobbying organisation the Confederation of British Industry, has said schools' curriculums need to focus more on nurturing young engineering minds, as demand for talent is currently outstripping supply.While... [more...]

  • Better line management communication needed, say 72% of workers

    A new survey by Hillcroft House, a professional services company, has revealed 72 per cent of workers feel their line manager does not communicate with them effectively - not least until an appraisal is due.The UK Management Culture of Fear report also showed that many felt they would be happy... [more...]

  • Young workers 'more motivated by flexible working opportunities'

    A new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has revealed that employees who were born between 1980 and 1995 - the so-called the 'millennial' generation - are far more motivated in their career by the ability to work more flexibly than they are by pay rises.The NexGen survey also showed... [more...]

  • New minimum wage rates approved

    The government has confirmed the new rates for the minimum wage in the UK, which will affect all employers as of October 1st this year.Accepting the independent Low Pay Commission's (LPC's) recommendations for this year's rates, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills... [more...]

  • Many companies 'feel vulnerable to IT breaches'

    New figures have shown that 45 per cent of firms feel their business is at risk of having data stolen or their website hacked into.A study commissioned by IT security specialist LogRhythm also revealed that one in ten employees has stolen data from their company having handed in their notice,... [more...]

  • Samsung to ship 10m units of new Galaxy S4

    South Korean tech giant Samsung is to ship around ten million units for the launch of its new Galaxy S4 handset at the end of the month in 50 countries - coming out in the UK on April 27th.Sources also told Digitimes that for the whole of the second quarter this year, it is predicted that the... [more...]

  • Hire staff in order to boost sales, says Barclays director

    Commenting on the findings of a recent report by the banking giant - the Barclays Job Creation Survey 2013 - director of Barclays Corporate Banking in the north-west Michael Hartig has suggested there may still be a tendency among companies, specifically those in the north-west, not to hire... [more...]

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