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Openness throughout and beyond the recruitment process will give you the best possible chance of success. 

At interview, it is a ‘false economy’ to portray a role differently to candidates than the actual reality.  For instance if the role requires 60 calls a day making appointments for the field sales team there is no point in describing it as a ‘marketing’ role with creative responsibilities – you will attract the wrong person, they will hate working for you, and put simply they will leave you very quickly!  Similarly, dressing up the package, potential earnings, working environment and key performance indicators will also get new staff exiting your business very quickly. 

The more open that you are with us from the outset regarding why you are looking, the advantages to joining your business, the culture, the day to day expectations, the company direction, etc. then the more likely we are to find the right person for your business. 

So the ideal client is someone that is open, has realistic expectations and has a good understanding of what they expect their new member of staff to bring to their business.

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