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Aaron Wallis offer a FREE range of useful, fun and educational quizzes and calculators to help you discover more about yourself and your business.  To simply calculate your business risk, your break even point or dividends just enter our Business Quizzes and calculators.

Perhaps you might want to discover more about your management style, your ability to motivate and delegate and your understanding of body language.  Perhaps you'd like to test your ability to motivate and delegate.  These interactive career and business tools are available free and if you like them please tell your friends and colleagues.

To hear about new quizzes and calculators simply join our free mail list.  We hope that you find these quizzes and calculators both fun and useful.  Enjoy!

Complete List of the Aaron Wallis Career Quizzes and Calculators

  • Budgeting calculator - Assesses your company's budgeting skills

  • Small companies distributions calculator - Works out how much corporation tax is payable for small companies that make dividend payments to their shareholders  

  • Business health calculator - Assesses the financial health of your company

  • Business growth calculator - Assesses the impact on turnover of increased sales

  • Business risk calculator - Assesses your company's exposure to unexpected events and errors

  • Data risk calculator - Assesses whether your company data is adequately protected

  • Break even calculator - Calculates the break even point for your business

  • Borrowing risks calculator - Explains how your banker assesses your business in terms of risk

  • Customer value calculator - Calculates the value to your business of retaining customers

  • VAT calculator - Calculates the VAT contained within a total amount, or the VAT charged on a net amount

  • Delegation calculator - Assesses how well you delegate at work  

  • Culture savvy calculator  - Assesses how culturally aware you are in social and business situations  

  • Body language calculator - Tests your knowledge of body language  

  • Interpersonal skills calculator - Assesses your interpersonal skills in the workplace

  • Starting a business calculator - Helps you choose the business that's right for you

  • Entrepreneurial skills calculator - Assesses whether you have the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

  • Marketing expertise calculator - Gauges your marketing knowledge

  • Managerial style calculator - Analyses your managerial style

  • Use of employer's accommodation calculator - Calculates the benefit in kind charged on living accommodation provided by an employer

  • Use of employer's assets calculator - Calculates the benefit in kind charged when you use an asset belonging to your employer

  • Dividend calculator - Calculates the gross dividend for your share holdings

  • Inheritance tax calculator - Calculates the inheritance that will be payable on your estate

  • Pension relief calculator - Calculates the amount of personal pension relief available

  • Retirement annuity premium calculator - Calculates the amount of retirement annuity relief available

  • Savings calculator - Calculates how much you need to save to achieve your savings goal

  • Stamp duty calculator - Calculates the stamp duty payable on property and share purchases

  • Loan calculator - Calculates the interest and the monthly payments on a loan

  • Millionaire calculator - Calculates how long it will take you to become a millionaire!

  • Retirement calculator - Calculates how much you need to save to achieve your pension goal

  • *New*Van Benefit calculator - Calculates the benefit in kind charged on your company van.

  • *New* Life Insurance Planner - Calculate how much life insurance you need

  • *New*Age Discrimination calculator - This interactive online questionnaire clarifies common misunderstandings about the Age Discrimination Regulations that came into force on the 1 October 2006

  • *New* Credit Card Analyser calculator - Try various monthly payment scenarios and see how much interest you pay on your credit card purchases, or see how much difference a lower interest rate would make.  

  • *New* Tax IQ  - See how well you understand the tax system.  

  • *New* How Well Do You Know The Law?  Are you more savvy about red tape than the average decision maker? When Sage tested over 2,000 UK business leaders on their knowledge of red tape, four distinct attitudes emerged, from blasé to very knowledgeable.  

  • *New* Are You A Political Animal?  Every workplace has a bit of Whitehall in it particularly bearing in mind data protection legislation. See how good are you at negotiating the corporate corridors of power by taking this quiz.  

  • *New* Know Your Money Matters?  So you think you know your APRs from your annuities? Take this quiz and find out just how much (or little!) you know about personal finances