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●      We offer an unprecedented 12 months rebate scheme - 52 weeks protection on your investment in new people when you recruit sales staff with us

●      Psychometric profile on all candidates - to ensure they have the traits to succeed in your business

●      Bespoke Interview questions - to help you quickly get to the core of each interview and give structure to the first meeting.

●      Candidate ability testing and skills testing is included

●      Dedicated experienced Account Manager - a single point of contact throughout your sales recruitment campaign

●      Fixed Price Sales Recruitment Service - the cost is fixed from the outset of the campaign to ensure you remain in control of your recruitment budget

In addition our fees are fair at 15% of the first year’s guaranteed income based upon us being your ‘sole agency’ for 2 weeks.  On the basis of ‘multiple agency’ our fees are 20% of the first year’s guaranteed income (please see our terms of business for more information).

To find out more about Aaron Wallis sales recruitment services - call 01908 061400 or submit a vacancy now. 

Our Sales Recruitment Service Includes


The Five Main Reasons to Choose Aaron Wallis

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Why Choose Aaron Wallis?

Ten Reasons to Choose Aaron Wallis


Why Choose Aaron Wallis

When you need to recruit sales staff, you have to be certain that your investment in finding, training and employing the right people for the job delivers a great return.

Selling products and services in today’s competitive and increasingly diverse economic conditions can be very tough and you need to make sure that, when you recruit sales professionals, they are fit-for-purpose and able to deliver impressive results from the very beginning.

Aaron Wallis is a well-established sales recruitment company who have years of experience in finding quality sales people - our sales recruitment specialists are constantly speaking to candidates who are looking for their next move up the sales career ladder and have a portfolio of excellent candidates for sales roles at all levels.

With Aaron Wallis on your side, you will be introduced to the very best candidates available from any sales recruitment company; high calibre people that meet your sales recruitment criteria as closely as possible. Our sales recruitment specialists will discuss the sales role that you are recruiting for and devise interview questions and carry out psychometric and other candidate-suitability tests to ensure that you are able to recruit sales people with the right skills and qualities and who will meet your needs exactly.

If you are a competitive, high performance organisation that needs to recruit sales people that are effective and productive then you will really appreciate the top performing sales professionals that we act on behalf of.

Aaron Wallis constantly work with candidates to identify who is suitable for employment as a sales professional, at any level from internal telesales through to specialist account executives and product managers.

Contact us now for an initial assessment of your candidate requirements, and we will tailor a smart strategy to find you the best professionals as quickly as possible.

Of course we realise that you might be thinking that high quality, targeted, sales recruitment services like ours come at a high price, but you’d be wrong!

Our rates are highly competitive at only 15% of guaranteed income (basic salary plus guaranteed bonuses) based upon a fair period of exclusivity, or 20% of basic salary for multiple agency (please see our terms of business for more information).

To find out more about Aaron Wallis sales recruitment services - call 01908 061400 or submit a vacancy now.