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Assessment Centres are a hugely successful way to recruit for the simple reason that over the course of the selection process you see how a candidate will actually perform in your role rather than the façade of their interview mode!  

Assessment Centre  methods have been proven to increase both 'on the job' performance and reduced staff attrition.

Aaron Wallis provide a tailored and flexible Assessment Centre Solution.  

Whether you are looking to hire a new Sales Director or a team of telesales professionals to staff a new contact centre Aaron Wallis can provide the selection process that you require.  Our expert team will work with you to put in place the entire project saving you both time and money.





What our Assessment Centre services include....






The first step is to understand your requirements and the competencies and skills required to succeed in the role.   We then tailor each assessment centre to your required competencies and put together a range of activities and exercises that will tease out the skills and experience that you require.  A typical assessment centre will include:

  • Psychometric Profiling
  • Formal Skills Testing
  • A sales presentation exercise
  • Individual exercises
  • Group exercises
  • Lateral thinking and problem solving exercises

We have an extensive library of exercises and activities that will make the assessment centre both effective and enjoyable.  In addition candidates that are recruited via our Assessment Centre Solution are backed by our twelve month rebate protection.

What Services do you Offer?

Aaron Wallis provides two Assessment Services:

  1. We will devise the Assessment Centre programme for you.  We will then provide a facilitator and an assessor to run the day allowing you to observe behaviours.
  2. We will design and devise the day as above and also source the attendees that meet your required specification

How Much Does an Assessment Centre Cost?

We charge for providing the service of designing and facilitating the day and then lesser recruitment fees for the successful applicants that you hire.  The costing depends on a number of factors but has proven to be a hugely cost effective way of recruiting, particularly for multiple positions.

We welcome your involvement in the 'centre' itself and you can rest assured that the entire programme of activities is agreed in conjunction with a Service Level Agreement around a week before the Assessment Centre takes place.

We have a 'boardroom facility' here at our HQ in Milton Keynes where we can facilitate Assessment Centres.  Alternatively we can run the event on your premises.

Assessment Centres can be arranged for between 1 and 15 attendees and we have the facility to provide online job simulation exercises have access to 1100 formal skills testing modules for virtually every skill requirement that you can imagine!

For senior roles we are also able to provide the services of Chartered Occupational Psychologists that will use advanced psychometric and interview techniques.

What makes us different? Why choose an Aaron Wallis Assessment Centre?

  • We are experts in sales recruitment
  • Our service has proven to be both successful and highly cost effective
  • We offer excellent value - a typical cost to design and devise the day, facilitate the day, source the talent that attends is £2000 per placement (based on two placements from a typical Aaron Wallis Assessment Centre)
  • We're sales people ourselves we know how to run a good assessment centre that both works and is enjoyable!
  • We are qualified administrators of various psychometric tools
  • Our technology enables us to offer over 1100 online skills tests
  • We are qualified administrators of advanced testing tools
  • Your hires are backed up by our 12 month rebate guarantee

Please contact Aaron Wallis for further information on all of our Assessment Centre services on 01908 061400.