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Aaron Wallis include a popular psychometric tool, Personality Identity Profiler or PIP together with a choice from over 1100 skills tests as standard.  

However we also offer a range of highly sophisticated psychometric testing tools as an 'added value service'.

Perhaps you want to utilise a sales specific psychometric, test raw brain processing power, test emotional intelligence or indeed even general intelligence.

The more you know about an employee, their strengths and development areas, their preferred learning style, their limits, the better they can be managed and the better results you can expect from them.  

Aaron Wallis staff are qualified to administrator most of the commercially available testing tools in the UK.  Speak to your Aaron Wallis consultant for more information.


Aaron Wallis with British Psychological Society accredited staff at both Level A and Level B are able to administer virtually almost any commercially available psychometric tool.  

Advanced psychometrics that are recommended by Aaron Wallis are as follows:

Advanced Sales Questionnaire, ASQ

Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, EIQ

Motivation Questionnaire

Numerical Reasoning

These are chosen as they are well constructed and highly validated tests that are easy to use by candidates and employers that are not trained on using psychometric tests.  

To discuss other psychometric tools and upgrade options please call Aaron Wallis on 01908 061400


Aaron Wallis include skills testing in all of their recruitment services as a standard inclusion.  

Popular tests that are already included as standard are:

  • Skills validation - languages, IT, technical skills

  • Industry knowledge validation - of all of the major industry sectors - testing jargon and general industry know-how

  • Verbal reasoning (basic and intermediate levels are offered in our standard service)

  • Numerical Reasoning (to advanced general levels is already included in our standard service.  More specific scientific numeracy testing is available as an 'added value service')

  • Written and verbal communication (to advanced general levels is already included in our standard service)

  • Spelling and Grammar (to advanced general levels is already included in our standard service)

We use the psychometric tool PIP in our standard recruitment process, a widely recognised psychometric that is quick, effective and provides a valuable interview aide.  The PIP is included as standard in our service.

Added Value Services Available at a Supplement

In addition we offer a wide range of more in depth testing services available as an 'added value' service.  Aaron Wallis offer these tests at cost to clients that are recruiting in conjunction with Aaron Wallis.

We are trained administrators of many psychometric tools and can therefore offer impartial advice on the best tool for your requirements.

We can also offer more advanced psychometric testing solutions including behavioural testing, emotional intelligence testing and advanced sales skills testing.

Advanced Sales Questionnaire, or ASQ

Thomas International TST (Tests for Skills and Training) Testing:  TST is a tool that assesses 'raw brain processing horsepower' in essence how quickly an individual processes, retains and deploys information and is an excellent indicator of fluid intelligence and fast track potential.  It tests in five areas: Perceptual Speed, Working Memory, Numerical Speed and Accuracy, Reasoning and Special Visualization, and then benchmarks each test against the UK working population and the entire result against the UK working population.  The test is taken in a classroom environment and has to overseen by a qualified Administrator.  TST Testing really does demonstrate if an individual has the right mental attributes to succeed and has proven to significantly increase the chances of making the right recruiting decisions.

Emotional Intelligence Testing.  We utilise the Thomas International 'Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire' EIQ that takes 25 minutes and assesses how an individual copes in an emotional context in various workplace situations.  It indicates traits such as stress management, optimism, self motivation, self esteem, adaptability, expression, impulsiveness and general happiness. The EIQ is particularly useful for individuals that are leading teams so that they are aware of their limits and can introduce coping mechanisms to deal with situations as they arise.  

We also offer :  RPQ, PPA, OPI, General Intelligence Testing (GIA), Sales role-plays, Concept selling testing, Behavioural profiling and Motivation Testing.  

Occupational Psychologists: In addition we work with a team of freelance occupational psychologists (many of them chartered) to help you in your interviewing process.  Costs are typically £350-£700+VAT per day dependent on their chartered status and their field of expertise.

Substantial discounts on all of our advanced testing services are available to all of our clients if they use Aaron Wallis to source the sales talent.  See here for more information on our advanced psychometrics.

Please contact Aaron Wallis for further information on all of our services on 01908 061400