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My First Year at Aaron Wallis by Paul MastersonPaul Masterson, Aaron Wallis

I can't really describe a typical day as the role is so diverse - and that's what we love about it. One day I could be looking for a National Sales Manager that sells into the FMCG market and the next I could be searching for an appointment setter in the educational market to support a front line sales team. It's all about finding the person with the right skills which can be a great challenge. I also have to deal with a vast amount of clients and candidates which makes the job really interesting.

Regardless of the state of our economy, quality sales people are in high demand and our clients are always commenting on there being a lack of good quality candidates.

A lot of my time is spent on the telephone and I'll meet and interview candidates not only to ascertain their suitability for a role, but also to give objective career advice. I also have to write vacancies advertisements, keep the recruitment database updated.

Some days I'll be out of the office meeting and advising clients on their recruitment strategies. This involves getting to know their business, their culture and their needs and building relationships in order to better service their requirements. An enquiring and probing mind is essential - as is the ability to be able to liaise at all levels of management.

Commission schemes can vary from company to company, Aaron Wallis have a great commission structure in place, unlike most recruitment agency Rob and Darren, joint Managing directors want to pay you commission, not stopping you from earning high commissions by adding in sneaky thresholds and capped commission, they want you to succeed!

One of the massive benefits of working in the team at Aaron Wallis are our team challenges, this year has seen the team trek to the top of Toubkal. Toubkal is a mountain peak in Southwestern Morocco, located in the Toubkal National Park. At 4,167 metres, it is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains and in North Africa. Most climbers with no experience like the Aaron Wallis team would attempt to climb Toubkal over a 4 day period, to make the challenge more interested the Aaron Wallis team completed top to bottom with 24 hours with an overnight stay in probably the worst 5 star hotel in the world half way up! our reward, a fun packed day in Morocco ……."You had your chance"

Our second challenge in 2012 was to walk the 48.1 mile circumference of Jersey, again being a challenge this was completed in less than 14.5 hours. After an early 3am start some worse for wear with not much sleep, we all powered through for a good cause. Since 2010 we have raised over £4500 for the MK Sports and Educational Trust and £3000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

What's next for the team and what can I take part in, planned so far:-

  • Canoeing Coast to Coast across Scotland
  • Milton Keynes Marathon
  • Crossing Devon Cost to Coast on an Eliptigo (a sort of cross trainer on wheels!)

A career in recruitment won't suit everyone. It can be highly pressured and sometimes the hours can be unsociable - particularly if you need to interview candidates out of hours. However it has given me high earning potential and the satisfaction of helping others to build a career. Fancy being a recruitment consultant for Aaron Wallis?  

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