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Recruitment plan template:

A recruitment plan is imperative to ensure that you recruit the right talent for your business. It may sound a bit like common sense. And for most companies, they don't have a plan. They just run through a process, and by luck, they manage to tick all the boxes that are necessary.

But having a road map of exactly all the necessary stages throughout a recruitment process could really ensure that you get that 'A grade' candidate for your business, rather than settling for B or C. Planning a recruitment campaign takes time. You're probably looking at dedicating half a day or a day to getting it right.

The difference in your approach to recruiting will be huge. Many people think that working to a checklist is a waste of time. But look at the consequences of getting it wrong.

We estimate that the wrong recruit will cost your business around 3.75 times their basic salary. Add onto that the impact it will have on your client base of a changing account manager.

Add onto that the impact that it will have on the rest of the team. And the cost is huge.

So by just dedicating half a day, a day to looking at your recruitment process to get it right is not a waste of time. To help you put together the checklist to get recruitment right, we've put together a 48 stage recruitment checklist.

You may be thinking, 48 stages? Is that really necessary? Probably 35 of these you'll be doing anyway. But I hope that there's some steps in there that you haven't thought of that is going to help you to get recruitment right.

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