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Your investment is always protected by our un-matched rebate period. It works on a sliding scale and protects the investment that you make in employing a candidate should they leave your employment during their first twelve months with you.

By offering you a 12-month rebate period, we are testifying our ability to find you the best talent that will make your business succeed. We stand by our first class service, and aim to give you the best service possible. After all, your success is our success.

Our unique twelve-month rebate scheme works as follows:

Calendar month or weeks in which the Applicant terminates the Engagement, or the Engagement is terminated by the passing away of the applicant:

  • A new applicant is supplied free of charge for up to 4 weeks
  • Months 2-6 - A rebate of 40% of the fee
  • Months 7-12 - A rebate of 20% of the fee

Please read in conjunction with our full Terms of Business available by clicking here

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How Does the Rebate Scheme Work?













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